TC stability issues

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Re: TC stability issues

Post by oliwe » Wed Nov 16, 2022 5:38 am

I am on RAD Studio 11.2 and the communication problems of TwineCompile with RAD Studio IDE are still present (or are back).
I compiled and linked my large project (C++/64bit) in release mode via Make in the RAD Studio IDE - worked.
Then I switched two Debug Configuration and tried to Make the project.
All files were compiled and the exe was generated (I checked this in the directory) but the TwineComile window was frozen, Cancle Button did not work. I was able to close the TwineComile Window with the Cross in the TwineCompile Window.
But then I am not able to use TwineCompile again. I can not open the Options of TwineCompile because the tool thinks that it is still running. Only solution I found is restarting the RAD Studio IDE.

Supplement, 20221122:

Hello - maybe this will help:

I just built again this large project using TwineCompile in the RAD Studio IDE.
All files were compiled, the exe linked. A saw this in the directory and I could follow the steps in the taskmanager.
The exe is located in the directory - everything is fine.
But in RAD Studio the TC window is still showing "Making *.cbproj..." it is still updating minutes later ... although the work has been done for a long time.
The only process with significant CPU load is bds.exe.
After 24 minutes (!) the TC window disappears and RAD Studio IDE can be used again.

-> So the problem is definitely the message sending mechanism between TwineCompile and RAD Studio IDE. The TC window is not frozen - the message sending mechanism is super slow! Any ideas? I already disabled Virus scanning, added exeptions (e.g. bds.exe, cquery.exe, my source code folder)

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Re: TC stability issues - Workaround

Post by oliwe » Wed Nov 23, 2022 3:53 am

As I reported before, the problem lies in the communication between TwineComile and the RAD Studio IDE.

The large project that I compile includes several hundreds of cpp and h files, own code and third-na libraries - although the code compiles, many warnings are thrown out (Setting in Project Objections is "Enable all warnings = true").

Here is the problem, if I set "Disable all warnings = true" then TC works smoothly in the RAD Studio IDE :-)

As soon as I say "Enable all warnings = true" the TC window becomes "not responding" after a few compiled files, as well as the entire RAD Studio IDE.

For example, although if a "make" of the project takes only 2-3 minutes, the RAD Studio IDE will not respond for 20-30 minutes!

Please, please, please a fix for this!

(Yes - I can avoid warnings in my source code, but not in the third-na libraries)

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