Split DWARF is not used by TwineCompile

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Split DWARF is not used by TwineCompile

Post by TKrauss » Wed Aug 11, 2021 6:05 am


I installed Version out of GetIt inside C++Builder 10.4.2.

But the setting Split DWARF isn't executed by TC, so there is no DWO-file generated.
With msbuild all works fine.

I looked at my Targets-file and there are the lines of objcopy and SplitDWARF. So why are the files not generated by TC?

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Re: Split DWARF is not used by TwineCompile

Post by jomitech » Thu Aug 12, 2021 9:53 am

I'm assuming that you're using the 64-bit compiler, correct? Split DWARF is only available there.

Can you open the TCTargets104.targets file, locate the <OBJCOPY command, and put the following line just above it (below the existing <Message>):

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<Message Text="OBJCOPY Condition $(USING_CLANG) And '$(BCC_UseSplitDWARF)'=='true' And '@(BCC_ObjFiles)'!='' And '$(TC_HasFiles)'=='True' And '$(TCCompiledFileCount)'!='0'" />
Then run a build and see what that message emits into the Console Output.

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