Components For PHP Full Update 9 Released!

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Components For PHP Full Update 9 Released!

Post by jomitech » Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:17 am

JomiTech is very happy to announce the release of Components For PHP Full Update 9!

It's been a while since we released an update, so this update is a little bigger than usual. We've also changed our versioning system, so that the update number, in this case 9, is reflected in the minor version number. This means that Components For PHP Full is now at version 1.9.

Probably the biggest addition in this update is the new theme, sky. This theme is the best yet, you just have to check it out.

Another addition is full support for images on the navigation bars, menu bars and toolbar. Now you can link an ImageList component to any of these components and show images based on an ImageIndex.

There are also 2 new components, JTLookupLabel and JTDateTimePicker. JTLookupLabel allows you to display text on the form that is referenced via a foreign-key. JTDateTimePicker is a combination date picker and time picker.

JTBlobImage received an overhaul in this update, and it now has the ability to perform foreign-key blob lookups. We also enhanced its Datasource support to make it easier to use.

We fixed lots of bugs in this update, and we feel that the components are better than ever in terms of stability and features.

Here is the changelog for this update:
- Enabled property to JTToolBar buttons.
- JTLookupComboBox now supports an empty selection
- JavaScript OnClick event to JTBlobImage
- Added new properties to JTBlobImage to allow foreign key image references
- Added support for custom date formats to JTDatePicker
- Added Color property to JTLabel
- Added Color property to JTPanel
- Added new JTDateTimePicker control for selection of date and time values
- Column support to JTCheckBoxList
- Column support to JTRadioButtonList
- Added new JTLookupLabel control for foreign key text display
- OnCellData to JTGrid
- Image support to JTMenu
- Image support to JTMenuBar
- Image support to JTNavigationBar
- Image support to JTHorzNavigationBar
- Image support to JTVertNavigationBar
- Image support to JTToolBar
- OnData event to JTLabel
- JTDivWindow now restricts focus if it is shown as a modal window.
- Added Sky theme

- JTLookupComboBox now uses XHTML-friendly selection code

- Delete key did not work with JTTimePicker
- Datasource post issues with JTAdvancedEdit
- Issue with JTMenuBar OnClick event firing incorrectly
- Issue with JTRadioButtonList not populating the ItemIndex property
- Issue with navigation bar sub-nav overlapping other controls.
- Bullet items in JTBulletList could get tab focus
- Tree view items could get keyboard focus
- Various UI issues with JTTreeView
- Ajax issues with JTAdvancedEdit
- Issues with IE rendering of navigation bar items.
- JTDivWindow modal state was broken.
- JTLookupComboBox did not remember selected value between postbacks
- In some conditions, JTLookupComboBox did not select the correct record.
- JTAtomFeed did not generate the feed from the Datasource
- JavaScript OnBlur and OnFocus events did not work in JTCheckBoxList
- Ajax issues with JTGrid
- JTUserLogin now allows email address logins.
- Various theme UI issues.

If you are a current subscriber, you can obtain this update by logging in to My Center using the link below and downloading the Components For PHP Full installer. It is not necessary to uninstall any existing Components For PHP
Full installations.

If you are not a current subscriber, we highly encourage you to subscribe, so that you can take advantage of this new, and all the future, updates.

My Center URL:

Components For PHP Full:

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