color support into a PlatinumGrid cell

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color support into a PlatinumGrid cell

Post by obutoi » Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:33 am

Hi Jon,

I am trying to display a color box into a PlatinumGrid cell when the field is a color (hex value).
I am using the OnRowData event with the following code:

function gridSettingsRowData($sender, $params)
$fields = &$params[ 1 ];
$fields[ 'Color' ] = '<div class="color-box" style="background-color: #'. $fields[ 'Color' ] . ';"></div>';

Do you support this? If yes, what am I doing wrong because I don't get anything into that cell?
If no, do you have any other suggestion? I tried also background-color on a div but also unsuccessfully...

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